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Let me preface this Chicken Little article by noting that I believed the Y2K hysteria was foolish, and most solar flare hype is foolish too. Huge solar flares and CMEs occur nearly every year without mishap. Earth shields us, simply as she’s been protecting life on this planet for billions of years. We’re in no hazard of being cooked by our personal solar any time soon.

Ha! Studying the article answered my question sort of. Do you wanna know what I find more disturbing about AIG than anything? That they spend tens of millions of dollars on promoting that could possibly be spent doing what Jesus advised us to do-like feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, giving drink to the thirsty, and clothes the naked.

That simply it, are you positive we’re seeing back to back warmest yr? It was reported by climate scientists with an agenda. As an engineer, …

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Best New TechnologyIn style new know-how and new IT trends will continue to favor smaller gadgets in 2014. Mobile devices will get faster, smarter, smaller, and larger for some! Ranging from the improvements of 2013, the guts of present and new sensible-watches will get smarter, Google will launch client Glass, iPhones and iPads will get larger, and 3D printing will get cheaper and smarter.

It also incorporates one barometer to increase the possibilities to measure our physical activity and a new control on notifications and music from your smartphone. It is really great, and also very helpful for the students, like me, who’re extraordinarily fascinated about the latest and advanced innovations on the earth. Researchers of Penn State has developed a statistical method known as Computerized Linguistic Indexing of Footage in Actual Time or ALIPR which is usually a subsequent main step insearching for footage on Internet.

Draw, sketch, doodle a LOT …