Author: Anis Beckham

How Trade Show Internet Helps Event Organizers Mitigate the Risk of Network Failure during the Event

Event organizers for festivals should have a checklist of all that is required in network infrastructure during an event. Below we give you some important information on some of the things to be included when hosting a festival. At, you will find additional information that you ought to do in order to avoid network interruption during the event.

Checklist for internet connectivity during an event

  • Attendee Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi captive portal
  • Video streaming
  • Ticket scanners
  • Media tent
  • Vendor booths
  • Video village
  • Food trucks

Secondly, consider the best service provider in order to ensure that everything concerning network connectivity runs smoothly. You should consider Trade Show Internet service because of the following reasons;

  • One point of contact and invoice for wired and wireless internet services
  • You will get service level guarantee which is also included in the contract you sign with trade show internet
  • Network engineering team on site