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What Is On-Site SEO?

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On-site search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the process of optimizing a website to be detected by the search engines. It is just part of the optimization process, since it does not incorporate optimization strategies that include other websites. On-site SEO refers to optimization strategies used directly on the site only.

It used to be that on-site search engine optimization was all you needed. If you had the right keywords placed throughout your website at a high enough frequency or density, you would get attention from the search engines. In the early days of online marketing you didn’t even need very high quality content to get a lot of search engine attention.

Today, things are very different. The rules and restrictions placed by the leading search engines such as Google get stricter every passing year. What would work two years ago in SEO probably wouldn’t work at all today. Things are just very different in terms of what is accepted and rewarded by the search engines and what gets you a vicious “Google slap.”

Today, optimizing your website properly takes a lot more than just sticking some keywords throughout your content. Some of the differences from the past and today include:
• Keyword research is a lot more intensive today.
• The actual website design needs to be optimized, not just your content.
• Content has to be extremely high quality with no fluff.
• Images need to be just as optimized as text because of image search results.
• Duplicate content from other websites is absolutely forbidden.
• You need videos and other types of content beyond written words.

Keyword research can be very time consuming today. This is especially true if you don’t really know what you are doing or don’t have access to the best keyword research tools. You need to find keywords that get a decent number of searches each month, but which also aren’t overly competitive.

This means you need hot keywords that point to in-demand or up and coming hot niches that a lot of other marketers don’t know about yet. That is pretty difficult to do and many fail. This is one reason many businesses now hire online marketers or web designers that know how to design and optimize as they go.

This is because you need to optimize the entire website today; not just your content. Every tag, title and URL name has to be optimized for SEO success. That is what on-site SEO is about today. Everything right down to unseen tags for images need to be properly optimized.

Even your images can bring traffic to your website today if they are properly tagged and labeled! It used to be that images and video clips were tools to keep visitors on your site longer, but today they are an integral part of on-site SEO.

Another thing that is different with on-site SEO today is that you cannot take content from another website (even if you own it) and put it up on another website. This is considered duplicate content and you can get a big Google “slap” for this type of mistake. Everything on your site must be completely original.

There is a lot involved with on-site SEO today. It requires a lot more knowledge, time and work than just slapping up randomly chosen keywords.