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Let me preface this Chicken Little article by noting that I believed the Y2K hysteria was foolish, and most solar flare hype is foolish too. Huge solar flares and CMEs occur nearly every year without mishap. Earth shields us, simply as she’s been protecting life on this planet for billions of years. We’re in no hazard of being cooked by our personal solar any time soon.

Ha! Studying the article answered my question sort of. Do you wanna know what I find more disturbing about AIG than anything? That they spend tens of millions of dollars on promoting that could possibly be spent doing what Jesus advised us to do-like feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, giving drink to the thirsty, and clothes the naked.

That simply it, are you positive we’re seeing back to back warmest yr? It was reported by climate scientists with an agenda. As an engineer, I’ve doubts about anybody claiming they can determine the average yearly temperature on planet earth with any certainty. Where I live, we are experiencing below average temperature this winter. Remember, the Sun is the source of all power to our solar system.

I love your truthfulness and thorough knowledge of the occupation. Few years in the past I attempted to realize admission into medschool and was rejected; now I’m aiming a doctorate diploma in pharmacy hoping to make it via. Now when it comes for interviews; the admissions committee prefer to know why i chose to enter that area. Do you think it sounds unusual if i say i like science…i like drugs….and i like caring for ppl.

The company is banking on BBM’s historical reputation, citing figures that show the service’s still large number of active users, effectively, in North America at least. After all, there has been gossip of BlackBerry splitting itself and spinning off into totally different markets, including a standalone BBM service. Nevertheless, by the point it makes an look on the scene, it will likely be going through not solely nicely established giants like Apple’s iMessage. It is going to also be going through stiff competition with providers like WhatsApp and Viber, whose recognition has been rising at a speedy velocity.