Preparing Your Smart Phone to be Sold

With the world’s leading phone manufacturers constantly updating their flagship products, many smart phone owners upgrade on an annual basis. While this can serve as a boon to one’s ability to communicate with friends and family members, enjoy apps and surf the web, regular phone upgrades also stand to put a dent in your finances. As such, finding ways to make upgrading affordable is in everyone’s fiduciary best interest. To this end, many people have found success with selling their old phones and putting the profits toward new ones. However, before selling your current phone, there are a number of preparations you’ll need to tend to.

Wipe the Phone’s Memory

Many people practically live their lives through their respective smart phones. For most, smart phones function as PDAs, digital navigators; web browsing devices, personal organizers and calendars. In other words, the typical smart phone holds quite a bit of sensitive personal information – and should that information fall into the wrong hands, the results can be downright disastrous. As is the case when selling a computer or tablet, it’s strongly recommended that you wipe your smart phone’s memory in advance of selling it. If you’re unclear on how to do this, consult the phone’s owner’s manual or the website of its manufacturer.

Have the Phone Unlocked

Having your phone unlocked can instantly increase its value. For example, if you unlock Apple iPhone 6, you can expect to receive quite a bit more for it than you otherwise would have. Unlocking a smart phone essentially frees it from an extensive range of manufacturer-imposed restraints, providing owners with a broader selection of carrier choices and apps.

Thoroughly Inspect the Phone for Defects

Needless to say, the better the condition of your phone, the more money you stand to receive for it. This sometimes prompts sellers to misrepresent the condition of their phones when selling them over the web. However, engaging in such behavior can land you in hot water with assorted websites and result in you being forced to administer a refund. Since honesty is always the best policy, take care to give the phone a thorough inspection, keeping an eye out for both internal and external defects, prior to putting it up for sale.

The hottest smart phones generally don’t come cheap. Purchasing the latest phone from a prominent manufacturer like Apple or LG stands to put a sizable dent in your wallet. Fortunately, smart phone owners can effectively offset this cost by selling their current phones for a fair price. When preparing your phone for sale, remember to wipe the device’s memory, consider having it unlocked and carefully inspect it for defects.