Psychology, Pseudo Science And Left Wing Politics (2)

No, that photograph’s probably not proof. Fortunately, now actual science has been brought to bear, the science some might call intra-phrenology (looking for virtual bumps inside the skull relatively than on top of it). To show that the balanced ballerina concept really is true, and never just spin, so to talk-that is, to show convincingly that ballet dancers actually don’t stumble round dizzily after every pirouette, scientists have introduced in an fMRI evaluation and show that the world of the brain responsible for dizziness shrinks in individuals who incessantly pirouette.

Talking Points Memo : A liberal weblog dedicated to investigative journalism and reporting political information with a somewhat liberal bent. Speaking Factors truly studies and investigates original information tales (in contrast to most partisan blogs) and was the primary media group to break the information of the US Justice Department Scandal involving the firing of Assistant US Attorneys for political reasons. The web site really received the 2008 Polk Award for legal reporting for its work in bringing the scandal to the general public. Nice website.

I imagine in defending the setting within purpose. I can’t see changing our use of fossil fuel as a solution in the intervening time. Fossil fuel is probably the most environment friendly and compact supply of high vitality. We want it to survive and progress as a society. Many important life saving applied sciences depend on dependable energy. Photo voltaic and wind are different energy sources however they don’t seem to be mission crucial in reliability for the time being and they don’t seem to be cost efficient – but.

The video you will have shown, I have seen before and a view others. One such display was at the Haden Planetarium, here in New York. Splendid compilation and visual of the universe. Looking at how small a single celled organism is, to the greatness of the mapped universe depicted in that little video can only conclude one thing surprise was made by something equally as fantastic. If anybody denies it, everything they’re looking at and for becomes what I define as religion/spiritual.

A concise explanation of Breatharianism, and it is phases, could be considered right here, where a Qigong Breatharian, Master Liao Fong-Sheng, explains things clearly. It does away with some of the explanations that another Breatharians have put ahead, where fancy language and terms confuse the issue. The video is taken from Supreme Master TV which I do know little about, except that the primary lady is extremely revered, while others classify it as a cult.