Scope for Content writers in Pune

Pune is a hub for colleges and has a student dominated population. Lots of the students take up part-time/freelance content writer jobs in Pune. They have scope to write content in Hindi, English or Marathi since they will know minimum of three languages. After all, for a professional content writer, the more languages they are skilled at, the better it is for them.

Pune content writers can find themselves jobs in local Marathi newspapers and magazines as well as English newspapers and magazines. There is no dearth of full-time writing jobs in Pune. Many startup media companies are in constant need of content writers in Pune, saya statistics.

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Opening any of the job portals in Pune, with the key word content writer, will give you pages and pages of opportunities to look for. Pune content writers can also secure jobs in colleges. Sometimes the colleges outsource the content writing of their website/pamphlets/course guides. Their aim is marketing through concise and explanatory college brochures. Since there are multiple colleges in Pune, content writers in Pune can work in the academic field.

Freelancer Pune content writers also get lot of work regarding writing review/journal articles for students. Writing academic journal articles is not easy. It has many guidelines to abide by. But students who outsource their academic work pay good money for quality work.

Pune content writers get paid well according to statistical survey. Their pay is seen to be 9% above the average pay of content writers across India.

Pune being a city, it also provides opportunity for content writers to write creative content required for a radio broadcasting show. Cities have many active radio channels, which are always in need of skilled creative content writers.

They can also work as blog writers for sites to communicate with the site`s fans and readers on a regular basis.

Pune writers can also become news journalists cum content writers for their local news channels in Marathi or English ones. Interviewing people and then writing their story is a dream job for any writer. Even if the starting pay in these jobs might not be very lucrative, it has rapid growth, depending on your passion and talent.

Pune writers can also become advertising copywriter. Pune being close to Mumbai, has a sea of ad agencies who tie up with the creative market of mumbai. Advertising copywriter`s job is constantly pump out catchy lines for ad campaigns, brochures, sale promotions etc. This even though interesting, can be a very demanding job. And the fact that you have to create something original each time, it is quite difficult. This job requires excellent language command. Wit is another virtue required for advertising copywriters.