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The tech big plans to increase the dimensions of three outstanding US dollar bonds to return capital to its shareholders. It resembles a public broadcasting model that—as Merritt jokingly identified—would have been laughed away 20 years ago: Asking people to financially help one thing, even when it is with a really small donation, if they just like the service. Working at a Half-Price Books in Austin, Texas within the early 90s, Merritt raised enough money to afford a pc and dial-up connection and constructed himself a successful web site simply because he might—it was a minimal investment and he could educate himself methods to do it. That part hasn’t really changed, he stated.

Merritt, a veteran tech journalist and podcast pioneer, has been the co-host of hit podcasts Buzz Out Loud on CNET and Tech News Today on the TWiT network. The the rest of the time is split about …