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In case you haven’t heard, a bunch of scientists have a massive, and I mean large, experimental machine in a tunnel underground in the Geneva area and running between Switzerland and France, and it is known as the Large Hadron Collider.

Modern evolutionists consider and hope that over, supposedly, thousands and thousands of years, random mutations in the genetic code of reproductive cells caused by environmental radiation will generate completely new genes. That is complete blind and irrational religion on the a part of evolutionists. It’s very similar to believing that randomly altering the sequence of letters in a romance novel, over millions of years, will turn it right into a e book on astronomy! That is the sort of blind faith macro-evolutionists have.

Prior to the invention of the telescope, we did not need proof that ***** existed – we didn’t find out about it. Its existence was predicted …

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Was the moon touchdown a hoax? If not, why don’t now we have photographs of Apollo moon landings from area? In truth, we do! Under are pictures of all the Apollo spacecraft on the moon, plus astronaut footprints, instruments, lunar rovers, and flags at several completely different Apollo mission landing sites.

Several new molecules have been found by researchers, who suggest methods to avoid their formation. They’ve discovered that cooking with chloraminated water may put probably harmful toxins in your meals. The research reveals a number of molecules which are almost completely new to researchers, created by cooking with chloraminated tap water and iodized table salt.

An interdisciplinary team of biologists and medical researchers has created a brand new platform, which they name GEneSTATION specifically designed to leverage the rising data of human genomics and evolution to advance scientific understanding of human pregnancy and translate it into new therapies for …