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6 Traits of Great Political Leaders in South Africa

Unfortunately, most people vote for candidates who vie with the political parties that they support. The love for a certain political outfit is, therefore, the deciding factor here, regardless of the personality of the individuals who are vying for seats on it. Only a few persons base their decisions on the unique characteristics that a candidate possesses. Before you elect someone into office, make certain they have the following 6 qualities of political leadership.

The campaign period is one that is characterized by promises of what the person will do once he or she is elected. A keen eye is needed because you need to distinguish between realistic and idealistic promises. Failure to observe this rule will leave the electorate with unfulfilled promises, years after the election is over. It is, however, rare to find such a person because the ability to keep political promises is critical.

Good leaders know how to compromise whenever there are differences of opinion present because divergent views will always come from various quarters. These differences stem from the fact that people have varying backgrounds and influences, which then shape their opinions at some point. As a result, all legitimate democracies will always have opposition parties and personalities. A desirable aspect about them is the fact that they introduce new ways of looking at things, meaning that, at the end, only the best solution is utilized for the good of the community.

The search for an honest leader will never cease. However, honesty is a trait that is not easy to come across because most characters are just looking for approval, meaning that they will say what they want you to hear. On the other hand, a truthful leader knows that he or she might lose an election, but he or she will never tell lies to the public.

It is tough to find an elected or appointed leader who is independent in his or her actions. It is not uncommon to realize later after electing someone that he or she is a puppet who is just working for a certain clique of businesspersons or international governments. An independent candidate will always receive campaign funding from well-known sources and will never side with any person or organization.

Many of the problems in society are due to the fact that nobody wants to take responsibility for their misdeeds. In most cases blame games will rule the day, and that will make it difficult to move forward because the source of the problem will be tough to find. A great leader will admit where he or she is wrong, and even step down if needed because the purpose of the whole is more important that political self-interests.

A good leader is a selfless one. Unfortunately, a majority of leaders take leadership positions to influence procurement procedures in government or carry out illegal activities without interruptions. The worst of them are those who cling to power by making alterations to the current legislation so that the new rules can allow them to extend their political terms.

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