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Physical fitness is described as the general state of health and well-being of an individual, and a physically fit individual has the ability to perform the different aspects of sports, and his or her daily responsibilities and activities at home or at work. There are a lot of ways that are being studied and practiced by the specialists and the individuals who aims to become physically fit, and those are by having a sufficient sleep and rest; by doing moderate and vigorous physical exercises regularly; by eating foods that can provide proper nutrition; and by avoiding any unhealthy habits and lifestyle. The people who are engaged in physical fitness activities have a great chance of obtaining positive and good effects on their mental, physical, social and emotional health, and those are having the ability to control blood pressure, reduction of inflammation, can boosts the immune system, prevention of any cardiovascular diseases, enhancement of one’s mood, strengthen their bones, prevention of the development of cancer, and the ability to control weight gain.

MMA, which is short for mixed martial arts, is a combat sport that includes full-contact on the body of the two competitors or fighters, and it involves the act of striking and grappling while the fighter is standing or on the ground, and that also involves a wide variety of techniques from other combat sports and martial arts that originated from several parts of the world. Mixed martial arts competition includes rules and regulations that needs to be followed by each competitors or fighters of the said sport, and some of the illegal blows includes head butting, biting, eye gouging, groin strikes, striking the back of the head with closed fist, kidney strikes, hair pulling, and striking your opponent with your elbow while the opponent is on the mat. Each of the competitors or fighters of mixed martial arts can use different disciplines during their fights, such as for the clinch fighting, it includes the muay thai, sanshou, sambo, judo, freestyle, and Greco-roman wrestling; for the stand-up fighting or striking, includes kickboxing, boxing, muay thai, combat sambo, savate, sanshou, karate and taekwondo; and for the the ground fighting includes the submission wrestling, catch wrestling, sambo, judo, and Brazilian jui-jitsu. In the creation of the scenes for both the American and Japanese mixed martial arts are rooted in two subcultures and two styles of grappling, namely the shoot wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu is basically defined as a martial art and combat sport system whose main focus is on grappling and ground fighting, while the shoot wrestling is also known as strong style fighting, and it is a kind of combat sport that comes from Japan. The individuals who interested in learning more about mixed martial arts and wants to try it out, can find the facts and information about such combat sport, by the use of the internet, through the television channels that features MMA, from the word of mouth of families and colleagues, or by visiting the training ground or gym in their local area that offers training program of MMA.

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