The Example Implementation Microprocessor / Microcontroller System and The Functions.

Currently, the application of microprocessor system has been extended to almost all areas of human life, such as education, health, population, politics, war etc. if you want to understand more about the microcontroller you can visit


Almost all equipment using microprocessor systems, for example:

  1. Mobile, in the mobile phone, there is a loudspeaker, microphone, keypad, display screen, and powerful circuit board with a microprocessor that makes every phone like a mini computer. When associated with a wireless network, a set of technologies that allows users to make calls or exchange data with another phone or computer. Mobile small and cheap though, must be equipped with a microprocessor, because to read keypad, save the phonebook, calculator, sending SMS etc. require a digital instrumentation system.
  2. Central telephone PSTN or analog channels with a bandwidth of 4 kHz. Currently, almost all the telephone switching system or the connection is done digitally, random sequential input output or vice versa. Of course all of this is manifested by including a microprocessor system.
  3. Washing machine, so that a series of work we have to give the command (program) to the microcontroller, the program is as follows: “if the start button is pressed the green LED turn on and give 5volt signal and if the stop button is pressed turn on red LED and a stop signal 5volt”. Instruction / programs that we have made our input into the microcontroller using a contraption called a programmer (who can be our own). Parts contained in a microcontroller: Memory for storing programs, CPU executing programs that exist in memory, PORT to pick up signals from the outside (pd example above: the start button and stop connected to the port as input) and to output a signal (in the example signal 5V and lED red / green), signals are captured and removed 5 volt digital signal (logic 1) or 0 volts (logic 0).
  4. Calculator, Functions ALU in microcontroler is shaping operations count and reason to the operand-operand. Operand operands are temporarily stored in registers. After the operation, ALU also puts the result in the register. In some microprocessors results placed in a special register called the accumulator (Accumulator). The operation type is determined by the CU me decode (decode) an instruction that is collected and subsequently generate control signals corresponding to the ALU.
  5. Barcode reader, functions generate control system that can be applied using a barcode.
  6. Digital Telephone Provider such as ISDN, DSL etc. In addition to switching or connection and queuing or queue, the system microprocessor in digital phone provider is use for many other things, including optimization of network management and Quality of Service.
  7. Cellular Phone Provider. Although the use of radio frequency channels, almost all mobile phone imposed a digital communications.
  8. EFI, electronic fuel injection as applied to modern combustion engines. This tool is used to optimize the use of fuel for torque and maximum speed.
  9. Lift Instruments. The processor is used to read keystrokes and control the movement of the electric motor, so that the lift can stir in accordance with keystrokes and quite comfortable for the wearer, not to stop or move suddenly.
  10. The precision regulator systems print and cut the multiplier machine paper media such as newspapers and magazines. Without correction of microprocessor systems, in addition to results that are less tidy, cutlery or printer must often be set back and this is very unrealistic. We can see, on every page of a newspaper or magazine there are marks or signs, both signs for colors and signs for cutting tools.
  11. Data processing equipment on DVD player. Because the data is stored on a CD in a compressed state, then to turn it into a picture or sound needs to be done to decompress the data which clearly requires a specific algorithm that is realized by the program. Of course, this requires a system microprocessor.
  12. Satellite Communications. In addition to the control and instrumentation system of a satellite, the microprocessor is also used for switching, multiplexing, queuing, error correction etc.

Microcontroller is development of microprocessor-purpose instrumentation ‘simple’. Today the use of microcontroller in a very rapid development of industry, for example in the ignition system of a motorcycle that is motor control, setting the liquid surface, the measurement of temperature, pH, conductivity, and such a simple PLC applications ,

 In its development, microcontroller widely applied in the design of electronics for microcontroller has a control system and automatic settings and practical. The effectiveness of this microcontroller that man needs to support his routine, both in the production process in the industry as well.