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How to Identify the Perfect Graphic Design Agency for You

Graphics and marketing have gotten to the point of synonymity. Rather, graphics form a big part of marketing whether above or below the line. I was once told that the first impression is lasting and so when your potential clients deem your marketing materials to be sub-par, then you have a problem. Your business cards, website, brochures, etc. all need to ooze professionalism. A true pro will help you construct an image that is worthy of your values and brand as a whole. Consequently, you need a graphic design agency. Today, there is a remarkable supply of graphic designers which presents a unique problem. Due to this large number, you will tend to get confused trying to differentiate between poor, average and excellent. This article will help the untrained design eye pick out a legit graphic designer.

The first stage in your search will have to do more with you than the agency you are seeking. This means coming up with an outline of the project needs. Get to know what the project entails as this will be driven by the situation you find yourself in. Maybe you are still to find your footing as to want you want, or you have firmly set your eyes on rebranding. Ensure that you invest time in finding out what kind of goals you want to achieve. Map out the time you want to spend doing the said job and also set the budget.

Moreover, evaluate past works they have done. These are the guiding light to what they have achieved before and how this plays into what you want now. Most people make the mistake of looking at how good the photos are in the portfolio. The portfolio should be more about solving unique problems coupled now with the visuals. Spacing, shapes, typography, color, texture, and lines are vital for assessment. All you are simply looking at is communication skills.

The graphic designer should also be linked with certain designer associations. The associations have specific ethical codes that ensure all involved are giving quality services. For example, your graphic designer should not copy an image or typeface of another brand and try using it as a template as this will have legal implications. The regulatory bodies will help deal with this.

Lastly, address the issue of the contract and flexibility in operation. The versatile nature here will be seen in the agency’s ability to offer marketing material ranging from printed stuff to website content. In contract issues, there is no one-size-fits-all perspective. Ownerships rights may be fully retained by the graphic design agency with no chance of reproduction while in other cases, they won’t mind at all. So ensure you iron out all legal issues before work kicks off.

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